Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hi Again!

Sorry to do this to you guys but I'm not liking blogger so much. I moved. Again.

Come on over!


Friday, July 14, 2006

Buenos Noches, Amigas!

That and a couple of other basic phrases are all that have survived the (yikes!) 17 years (how'd that happen??????) since I took high school Spanish.

I was informed by a chica this afternoon that I am verrrrry guilty of blog neglect. Guilty as charged, and all I can say is that work and life had to come first. I aim to please though, so Tricia, here you go. (Granted, she's a fine one to be bitching about blog neglect...) =)~

So so much has been going on! Most recently I got to wish my Mom a happy 75th birthday! I'll be taking her up to Maine this weekend for a lobstah dinner and a fun day at one of her favorite spots in Ogunquit.

I also (finally) own my car outright. And Murphy's Law does indeed exist. The fan that lives under my hood has apparently decided to not turn off when I shut off the car...just freakin' great, huh? At least I have the pleasure of owning that fan, bought and paid for, all mine.

I have been getting in knitting and spinning time too, but not a lot of pictures exist for proof. I have the first sock of the Heart Throb STR finished, and I started a cabled v-neck in Lamb's Pride Bulky. I also just finished some Sasquatch mittens (you'll understand when you see them!) from the yucky brown fiber I was bitching telling you about last time. That yucky brown shit knit up so nice! I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it turned out and I had some serious second thoughts about knitting mittens to felt with it.

I've done some Project Spectrum spinning too. Some lovely purple merino from Fleece Artitst and I still have some lighter purple BFL, also from Fleece Artitst. Right now I've got some really bright pink and purple Wensleydale I got from Winderwood Farm on ebay. I'm really liking how easy this stuff is drafting. I think it's my thinnest spinning yet!

As far as WW, I am holding steady at 34 lbs. down. I am satisfied to be maintaining right now as summer is the season I have the most difficulties with. During some emailing with Cathy this past week, I mentioned that I think it's the fried clams from Ronnie's. They are to. die. for. For whatever reason, I have no problems with the usual winter holidays that seem to be most people's "hard time" with dieting and weight, but once the weather gets warm? Forget it! Part of it may be that with no air conditioning in my house (well, not in the kitchen), I just have no interest in cooking. This translates into eating out, take-out, and sandwiches. Not exactly the healthiest choices for losing weight. I'm still making smarter choices for snacking, and eating loads more fruit and vegetables, and I have learned that I'm not gonna DIE without my Baked Doritos. =)

Well, that's all for tonight...it's time to watch the Sox and knit some socks!


Thursday, July 06, 2006

Welcome to my new place!

Please bear with me while I move stuff around and learn a new system!

I have been knitting, and I have been spinning, but life has gotten in the way of blogging anything lately!

Hope you all had a safe and happy 4th of July!!!!